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Extreme Sun Loving Perennials

As west coast gardeners, we know how to enjoy the short lived heat of the summer! Between rainy seasons (we do live in a rainforest after all) we live it up with sun-tanning, BBQs and trips to the beach to enjoy the hottest sunny rays the west coast has to offer. Unfortunately many of our plants in the garden don't feel quite the same way. If you've ever experienced excessive wilting, scorched leaves and dried up foliage on your favourite plants, then you know what we're talking about! 

Luckily there are many choices for the sunniest spots in the yard, and a fantastic array of hardy perennials that will love the sun every year. Once you plant them, you can sit back and enjoy (while sun-tanning with your cold beverage) without having to replace them next summer. Take a look at some of our favourites that you can plant in full sun!

Trees for Full Sun 

  • Maple Trees (Acer)
  • Monkey Puzzle Tree (Araucaria araucana)
  • Indian Bean Tree (Catalpa)
  • False Cypress (Chamaecyparis)
  • Magnolia (Magnolia)
  • Flowering Cherry (Prunus)
  • Mountain Ash (Sorbus)
  • Monkey Puzzle Tree
  • Forsythia

full sun trees

Shrubs for Full Sun

  • Rock Rose (Cistus)
  • Juniper (Juniperus)
  • Spirea (Spiraea)
  • Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)
  • Smoke Bush (Cotinus)
  • Forsythia (Forsythia)
  • Mock Orange (Philadelphus)
  • Lilac (Syringa)


Vines for Full Sun

  • Trumpet Creeper (Campsis)
  • Clematis (Clematis)
  • Honey Suckle (Lonicera)
  • Silver Lace Vine (Polygonum)
  • Wisteria (Wisteria)
  • Fire Thorn (Pyracantha)

vines for full sun


Perennials that love full sun are often also quite colourful with gorgeous blooms or even bright berries. Remember that they will need regular thorough waterings, as their soil will dry out faster in the heat. Give them a deep watering once a week to start, and at least every two weeks when they become established. This will ensure that they grow deep roots and can flourish for years to come. 

To make it easier, we've put together a shopping list for you to take with you to the nursery. Just click on the image to the right and print it out, or save it to your phone.


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