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The Studio

Our studio is the heart of West Coast Gardens, where our designers take fresh plants and create inspirational planters for your home and garden. Located in our beautiful garden centre, you can visit us and watch new creations being made daily.

Where the Magic Happens…

Our designers use our homegrown and locally grown plants to create unique, hand-made planters that add natural beauty to your spaces. Each design is chosen with care, and planted by hand using premium potting soil, in beautiful pots and containers.

Year-round we provide gorgeous indoor planters, with homegrown succulents and tropicals taking centre stage.

Seasonal Delights

Each season the plants change, so we can highlight our favourites. Beautiful bulbs and annuals in the spring to light up your patio and front door.

Blooming flowers and perennials all summer long! Fabulous fall favourites like chrysanthemums, pansies, and grasses to add colour and movement during the cooler months.

fresh for the

Winter Holiday

We love the Christmas season—from outdoor plants, indoor tropicals for the holidays, trees, home decor —and of course— our homegrown poinsettias!


Fresh Looks Every Week!

Each week we put together a collection of fresh looks, using seasonal plants in pots and containers that really accent their beauty. We work hard to make sure these fresh looks are one-of-a-kind, designed right in our studio!

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Outdoor Planters

We’re excited to design beautiful outdoor planters for your patio and front door, featuring seasonal blooms and foliage! There’s always something creative going on in the studio, and tons of ready-made container gardens for you to take home. 

Everything You Need to Get Started!

Our free container garden templates can help you create beautiful designs for every season, with carefully chosen plant combinations that complement each other and create height and colour interest. We’re constantly updating our templates, so check back often!

See our free container garden templates

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