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Plant Fertilizers, Growing Mediums & Elixirs

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We know you love you plants—and we do to! From tropical houseplants to your outdoor garden, we carry just the right care products to help you keep them healthy and happy!


In-Store Only

We carry a wide selection of hand-picked quality fertilizers, elixirs, and growing mediums and amenders for your plants and garden! See more of our in-store options below:


Growing Mediums

A unique range of ready-to-use potting mixes are carefully designed to provide your plants with everything they need to thrive. All soil blends are made with 10-15% worm castings, biochar, and sea minerals.

Neem Oil Leaf Shine

This all-natural, non-toxic leaf shine elixir has a neem oil base that will help your plants regain their shine and beauty!

Take a look at how to use neem oil in our easy DIY video here.

Repotting Your Plants

When your tropical houseplants have outgrown their pots and need to be repotted, which soil or growing medium do they need?

Take a look at our video where we explore a few different types of soil for specific houseplants.



Organic Fertilizers

These blends are formulated using only the finest organic and mineral ingredients for a range of essential nutrients for your indoor and outdoor plants.

We carry a wide range of Gaia Green fertilizers and soil amenders.


Spray Fertilizers

PlantRx is a specialty fertilizer that brings out the best in your plants. Simply shake your bottle of PlantRx, spray the mist on to the stems and leaves of your indoor plants. 

We carry a wide variety of plantRX from tropicals to orchids and beyond.


Classic Plant Fertilizers

Fantastic plant food for all your indoor and outdoor plants including roses, shrubs, evergreens, annuals, perennials, houseplants, and more.

Compost Activator

A 100% organic product used to speed up decomposition and the break-down of organic waste by increasing microbial activity. It helps produce high grade compost that is rich in minerals and nutrients. Use directly in your kitchen compost catcher or sprinkle over your garden compost.


Derived from ocean fish and kelp, naturally-based Alaska fertilizers combine the benefits of these time-proven traditions with the best of modern science to provide you with highly effective alternatives to synthetic fertilizers.

As the natural ingredients in these formulas break down and release plant nutrients over time, they also work to improve soil’s structure and condition. Enhanced soil health translates to more nutritious, delicious fruits and vegetables and more vibrant plants and flowers for you.

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