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Using Neem Oil to Shine & Protect your Plant's Leaves

Using NEEm OIl to Shine & Protect your Plant's Leaves

Bryan is here to show you how to use neem oil leaf shine (we use the MAYA brand) and keep your plants looking shiny and new, plus stop pests from attacking the leaves!

This is an all-natural, non-toxic leaf shine elixir with a neem oil base that will help your plants regain their shine and beauty. It also helps to prevent fungus and leaf disease. If you have spider mites, spraying the leaves with neem oil will help you to get rid of these annoying pests.  

Take a look at our helpful video below and watch Bryan shine those leaves! For this video, Bryan is wearing his Mossify gloves; not only are they fun to wear, but they also are gentle on your plant's leaves. They're made from microfiber material are are excellent for cleaning and also distributing the neem oil without damaging any foliage.  

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