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Repotting Your Tropical Houseplants

Repotting Your tropicals in the perfect soil

Bryan is potting up a monstera in a new, larger container using the Maya Aroid Specialty soil mix - which is perfect for plants like philodendrons, monsteras, orchids, rhaphidophoras, anthuriums, pothos, and more!

Any houseplant that likes rich nutrient soil and lots of aeration will love being potted up in this type of medium. The Maya brand that we use here has a high content of premium and sustainably harvested pine, fir bark, and hand-harvested golden sphagnum moss. All of this together will give your plant enough air movement in its roots to prevent root rot and other diseases. 

Which plants need aroid medium?
-Plants that have extensive and wide roots (usually white, cream, or light yellow)
-Plants that climb or have aerial roots
-Plants that are epiphytic (they grow on other plants in nature, like on trees)

Bryan is also repotting a ZZ plant, which grows well in cactus-type soil because it doesn't stay soggy for long and has great drainage. The Maya mix he uses is specially formulated soil for desert plants that enjoy very well-draining soils, this mix is rich in pearlite and gardening sand. 

ZZ plants are often overwatered, leading to their demise. But with soil that has larger substrate, the ZZ roots won't get root rot. 

Which plants need cactus mix medium? The cactus medium is great for all cactus family plants, including succulents, haworthias, snake plants, yuccas, ponytail palms, euphorbias, and more! Take a look at Bryan's video above as he repots a monstera and ZZ plant into larger homes! 

We carry a lot of different soil mediums at the garden centre so you can find the perfect one to keep your plant happy and make caring for it easier. Visit us and take a look!


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