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Our Top 10 Gifts for Gardeners

Our Top 10 gifts for gardeners

PLUS one more bonus idea!

Unique gifts for everyone on your list can be hard to find—but if someone is a gardener then it's a lot easier to get gifts that gardeners will love (and use!) These really useful gift ideas can help you out when you're playing Santa this year. 

1. Tools : Big & Small 

Whether it's in the stocking, or barely fitting under the tree, gardener's love tools! We love DeWit brand because of their wood handles, handcrafted designs, lifetime guarantee, and wide variety of tool options. From trowels to rakes, shovels and more—help out your favourite gardener with a new tool for Spring! 

2. Gloves

Keep their hands safe and clean with a new pair of gloves! Choose between cotton, rubber, leather and more. The heavier work they do—the strong gloves they'll need. Maybe grab a soft and light pair for the greenhouse for when they are just potting and planting seeds. Rough and tough leather or rubber options are great for heavy yard work or working with shrubs.

3. Watering Cans

Every garden needs a few watering cans! An easy way to hydrate the potted plants on the patio or by the front door, a medium sized one will be lighter and take less work to maneuver. Smaller watering cans are great for a few pots on the balcony or even in the greenhouse for those tender seedlings!

4. Garden Accessories

What's a garden without character? Wrap up some ceramic mushrooms, cast-iron creatures, funky gnomes or fun metal goat ornaments! A fun gift that will make them smile whenever they see it peeking out of the herb garden in the spring or hiding out amid the marigolds all summer. 

5. For the Bees & Birds

Gardeners love friendly pollinators—and what better way to attract them then with special houses and feeders? From mason bee houses to bird houses, there's a design for everyone. Hummingbird feeders can be hung practically anywhere, and require a lot less refilling than regular bird feeders (but those are a great idea too!) Suet feeders are another option that is low-cost and great for patios and balconies.

6. Seeds : So Much Potential

Seeds have the advantage of fitting in cards, as a fun add-on to a gift, or in a stocking at Christmas. From veggies to herbs, annuals to perennials—so many choices! For gardener's with greenhouses, seeds are even better because they can get an early start on those seedlings even when it's still cold out.

7. Snips & Baskets

Cutting stems of flowers and herbs requires a perfect set of scissors! Gardener snips make it easy with sharp, short blades. Give them a basket or trug to collect their bounty in! From lavender cut for drying, to herbs for the kitchen, spent blooms cut to turn to seed...something is always ready to be harvested!

8. Pretty Vases

After the snips comes the display! Let your favourite gardener show off their blooms in beautiful vases for the home. Bring the garden indoors with fancy vases in so many colours and styles. Unexpected but oh-so-useful!

9. Brooms & Linens

Cleaning up can go a lot easier with the right tools. A broom for the shed or pathways helps out, and you can find gorgeous hand-crafted brooms that last a lifetime and make a perfect gift. Natural linens and aprons are a special way of supporting your gardener, and can be used in the potting shed or when cleaning up later on.

10. Soaps : Getting All Lathered Up

Give them a gift for after gardening time with lovely soaps and hand creams. Special soaps just for gardeners offer strong cleaning power and moisturizing qualities to help their hands recover after a long afternoon in the garden. 

BONUS IDEA - Gift Cards

Can't fit a garden under the tree? No problem - that's what gift cards are for! Fit their Spring garden in a card with one of these. Not only can they go on a shopping spree when the annuals arrive in May, but they can splurge on those gardening boots or wheelbarrow they need, without you having to figure out how to wrap them! 


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