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Our Top Four Grasses for Fall

flavourful Fall grasses

With the weather growing cooler as we enter Autumn, it's time to switch over our patios to a more resilient and seasonal style with plants that will enjoy the temperature change. 

Which is why we love grasses for fall, on the patio or in the garden, as many of them continue to grow year-round and create a beautiful backdrop for a new season. Grasses also add movement and texture to your spaces, serving as beautiful planter accents, borders, and garden bed centrepieces. 

Take a look at four of our favourite, fabulous grasses for fall below!

Bronzita Sedge Carex


This mounding grass has a beautiful red-bronze colour that is perfect for fall in the garden or on the patio. Use this grass as a border, in a container garden, or as a source of movement in a garden bed. Plant in well-draining, slightly sandy soil to keep your Bronzita happy. This grass likes full sun to dappled shade. 

Evercolour Everest Carex 

Carex oshimensis 'Evercolour' 

Always an eye-catching grass, the variegated white and green foliage brighten up your garden or patio year-round. With its beautiful draping form, the Evercolour Everest is a perfect choice when planting grasses for fall.  

This variety grows slowly and won't overtake your garden beds. Use well-draining soil and keep it evenly moist. Plant this grass in a full to partial shade spot for the best colour.

Evergold Weeping Sedge 

Carex oshimensis 'Evergold' 

For a brighter hue, try the Evergold Weeping Sedge, native to Japan, for a pop of warm yellow. This grass looks amazing in a container to highlight its cascading foliage. 

Keep this plant in a partly shaded spot and use well-draining soil. One of our favourite deer-resistant grasses for fall, it can look equally as impressive in the garden as on the patio!

Everillo Carex 

Carex oshimensis 'Everillo' 

With its lime colouring, the Everillo Carex really makes a splash! Use this bright grass in your garden boxes, along the edge of a path, on the patio, or as groundcover. It will tolerate some dry spells in the summer and enjoys being grown in part shade to keep its beautiful hue. 

Have we convinced you to add some of these gorgeous grasses to your patio and garden for fall? If you still need ideas and inspiration, check out our other blog post over here, all about our top reasons we root for grasses. Or you can find six more of our favourite grass options for the garden in our other blog post. We hope you have a wonderful autumn season!


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