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Quickly Create Fall Container Gardens

The cooler weather and coloured foliage announce Autumn's arrival and makes us want to celebrate this change of season - but how do we show our excitement for all fall has to offer? We don't quite decorate our homes like we do for the Christmas season or fire up the barbecue as we do at the start of summer.

For Autumn we often turn to a more natural approach, collecting leaves and branches for indoor displays or finding bright yellow and orange blooms for our patios and yards. Keep reading for inspiration to help you enjoy and share your Autumn excitement, as we talk about easy ideas for your container gardens this season!

Autumn container gardens

Leaf it Alone if You Can

Our first tip is that you don't have to chuck your summer container gardens or completely replace them when fall comes calling. Use those recycling skills on your outdoor planters. Take stock of what is in your pots and just replace the summer annuals that won't survive the cooler weather. Perennials can stay in your container gardens, especially grasses or shrubs. Then pick out some favourite fall plants to fill in the pots and create eye-catching designs. Take a look at some of our favourites for fall below.

Ornamental cabbage can often be overlooked, but it really looks spectacular in a container garden design. Just don't snack on it unless you know for sure it's the edible kind! This strong leafy foliage will especially pop when the weather gets cooler, as this plant gets more colourful the colder it gets outside (kind of like when your lips turn blue!) Although it's an annual, it seeds itself quite easily so you could end up with new plants next year.

Autumn container gardens

A perfect pansy can brighten up any planter! The best part is they come in so many colours that you can always match your design. Get a bunch and plant a crowd of pansies in your pots.

Not edible - but certainly beautiful! Ornamental pepper plants add a pop of colour in reds, greens, yellows or purples. They also look a little bit exotic when mixed in with your other plants.

Autumn container gardens

Super classic chrysanthemums can't be overlooked in the fall. Many varieties are hardy perennials and can bloom year after year.

We love grasses in our container gardens! Not only do they add texture, height and movement, but they look amazing during the Autumn season. They aren’t all green either, with beautiful reds, purples and yellows available in various grass varieties at the garden centre. Find out the Five Reasons We Love Grasses in this blog post.

Autumn container gardens

Don’t forget an accent or two! (No, we don’t mean a cute French accent or rolling your tongue when you say “gracias”.) Autumn accents, such as mini-pumpkins or gourds, add a splash of colour and a nod to the season. Natural ideas include branches and sticks, log rounds or even dried moss. For even more ideas take a look at our list of 10 ideas for your Fall container gardens right here.

Fabulous Green + Purple Fall Planter

Watch our easy DIY video for a beautiful fall planter idea. Substitute your own colour scheme to match your outdoor decor.

Have a great time freshening up your container gardens for fall, getting creative, and enjoying the Autumn season! Don't forget some hot cider and a walk through the pumpkin patch, this season passes quickly and we need to enjoy every moment. 

Autumn container gardens


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