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Spring Front Door Planter Ideas

spring is knocking on the door

We welcome spring with bright blooms, colourful planters, and flowering front doors. Make an entrance for family and friends, and something that will give you a smile every time you come home. Take a look at our inspiration and ideas below.

Find your favourite annuals and perennials in a single colour to really make a statement doorway. Add in some greens and whites to expand the diversity of your plants and then pot them up! If you use pots that are similar colours, textures, materials, or shapes (But not exactly the same!) it creates a collection that fit together without being dull. Above we see hydrangeas, begonias, alocasia, bacopa, coleus, and more!

Petunias are a fantastic choice to fill up a container garden for your front door, as they bulk out and also drape in elegant vines. For height, try something interesting like King Tut papyrus or other grasses. 

If you're getting at early start to your spring planters then add in bulbs and other early-spring colours. Ranunculus, tulips, daffodils...all of these will give you beautiful blooms! When they are done, swap them out for summer annuals like marigolds or asters. 

Shrubs can be planted up as well, and they are fantastic companions to your more flowery and showy planters. A simple boxwood or mini-tree will create structure and shape in a pot; complimenting and contrasting the overflowing blooms and bright colors of a spring annuals container garden.

Why not use herbs? Edible planters are gorgeous and tasty—just remember to water them! Basil, thyme, chives...all of these grow happily in a sunny spot by the door and are delicious to pick for snacking or culinary creations. Mint is fabulous in a pot, especially because it is a veracious spreading plant and might take over a garden bed. 

Always use pots with drainage holes when you are making up container gardens that will be open to the elements. A good rain storm might flood your pot and drown the roots of your annuals! 

Another beautiful early-spring plant to include in your potted gardens is hellebore. The greenery still looks amazing all summer, and it will bloom in the winter too, for an unexpected pop of colour! 

The front door is the first thing guests and visitors see when they arrive; create something unique that reflects your home and your family! 


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