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10 Unique Gifts for Plant-Lovers

Our Top gifts for plant-lovers!

House plant collectors don't just love getting a new plant—they also love accessories! Useful, fun, whimsical, beautiful plant accessories that light up a room and help out with the collection of plants. We have a few ideas 

1. Propagation Vials

Help them grow their own new baby plants from their favourite house plants with these cute propagation vials! All they need to do is snip and grow them in water—then replant them when they get big enough!

2. Plant Misters

Healthy plants love humidity, and it's a lot easier to give them with a handy mister (or misses!) to spray the leaves. From small ceramic designs (for one or two plants) to larger misters that make it easy to spray a large number of house plants, there's one for everyone!

3. Moisture Metres

It may not seem like a sexy gift, but trust us, it's the best one they'll ever get! A moisture metre will easily tell them when their plants need to be watered and when they don't. More houseplants die from overwatering then from being neglected. Moisture metres take the guesswork out of the equation.

4. Elixirs and Growing Supplies

Organic growing mediums, elixiers, fertilizers, leaf shine, and more are available from a growing number of specialty brands—and they make surprisingly good gifts! Taking care of their favourite plants tells them that you care. 

5. Fancy New Pots

Like a new outfit, a fancy pot can give a plant a whole new look! Give them an upgrade with a luxe new pot, like the Bergs Potter collection, in a 6"-10" size. Not only will it look amazing, but they can up-pot a 4" plant that has outgrown it's old pot!

6. Special Snips

From trimming brown and yellow leaves off of plants, to taking cuttings for propagation, scissors are always helpful and hard to find! Get them a special pair of snips just for their plants. 

7. Watering Cans

Beautiful watering cans can fit into any home decor—and these artistic additions are also super useful! Mini-cans for cacti and smaller plant collections, and bigger options for the avid collector. 

8. Plant Accents

It's not gnome without a few accents in the plants! Cute, whimsical, elegant, natural and more—there's so many options for plant accessories. Find something that matches their personality for a fun and personal gift.

9. Books

Inspirational and useful books! Plant lovers can always use some inspiration on how to pot up, display, and decorate their amazing houseplant collection. As well, there are lots of books on how to care for different plants. If they have a specialized collection (such as orchids or carnivorous plants) then that makes it even easier!

10. Gift Cards!

Plants are hard to you have to keep them alive until the big day. Why not try a gift card for their favourite plant or garden centre? Give them the gift of plant-shopping!


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