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9 Full-Sun Drought Tolerant Perennial Plants for Your Garden

Drought Tolerant Perennial Plants

Summer temperatures just keep climbing, and it is always disappointing when our gardens just can't handle all the heat and sun. Here we've put together nine drought tolerant perennial plants that you can plant in full sun, with minimal care needed. It is good to remember, however, that these perennials are drought-tolerant only after their roots have been established, which can take a year of growth.  

perennial full-sun plants

Stonecrop - Sedum


A fantastic drought tolerant perennial, sedum is also incredibly low-maintenance and easy-going. This perennial loves a full-sun location with lots of heat. It's not surprise that stonecrop is in the same family as many succulents; Crassula. You can find this amazing groundcover perennial in a variety of colours from yellow to red, with glossy leaves and flowers during the summer months. These blooms have the added advantage of attracting butterflies and bees to your garden! We love seeing sedum used as a drought-tolerant border plant, in pathways, or in rock gardens. 



Native to the Mediterranean, this beautiful perennial is drought-tolerant and used to living in full sun. Not only will the lovely purple blooms enchant your garden, but they attract pollinators like butterflies and bees to your yard. This heat-loving plant makes a fantastic perennial border, potted plant, and colourful addition to your garden. You can read more about the different varieties of lavender for your garden in our blog post over here.

perennial full-sun plants



Known for their gorgeous colour and sturdy flowers, coneflower are also a wonderful, drought tolerant perennial for your garden. These perennials can grow tall, so they work well as border plants near the back of your garden beds, especially in full sun areas. Their blooms are so stunning that they can also be used as eye-catching potted accents on the patio. When the season is over you can cut the blooms and dry them by hanging them upside down. Or you can leave the echinacea flowers for the birds to eat during the winter.



You can find daylilies in almost every climate around the world-there are over 80,000 different varieties! For your garden, you can find one that will like any location, including full sun spots that require a drought tolerant perennial. (Not to mention they come in every colour imaginable!) These beautiful plants are low-maintenance, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the blooms, many of which actually last longer than one day!

perennial full-sun plants

Coreopsis - Tickseed


Coreopsis is known for its bright flowers and low-maintenance needs. Another fantastic drought tolerant perennial, the Tickseed will also attract butterflies, bees and birds to your garden. Plant your Coreopsis in full sun (at least 6 hours a day) for the best blooms. A great plant for your garden beds, borders and rock gardens.

perennial full-sun plants

Lamb's Ear

(Stachys byzantina)

Also known as the Wooly Hedgenettle, this perennial has soft, velvety foliage in a light-green and silver colour. Because this plant is native to the Middle East, it loves hot and dry conditions, making it a perfect perennial for a drought tolerant garden! A fantastic ground-cover for sunny areas, Lamb's Ear can also be used as  a low border around your garden beds.                            

Globe Thistle


With bold purple, round flowers that pop up on tall stems, this drought-tolerant perennial quickly adds eye-catching colour anywhere it is planted! Not only does it love sunny spots, but it is deer resistant, and can create a natural border around your more edible garden beds. Globe Thistle flowers attracts pollinators, especially ladybugs! 

perennial full-sun plants

Blue False Indigo

(Baptisia australis)

A gorgeous perennial, with plenty of purple flowers, this bush-style plant will quickly become a favourite in your garden! Be sure to plant it in a sunny area, as these plants do not like to be replanted after they are established. Another drought tolerant perennial, this plant doesn't require pruning or other special care to grow nice and bushy. If you are lucky, they will attract a few caterpillars to their leaves, which are an ideal place for them to create a cocoon and become a butterfly. 



A stunning plant, the Artemisia have silver-green foliage with a soft, cloud-like texture. They are a favourite for rock gardens and other full-sun areas. This drought-tolerant perennial can be pruned back as much as you need to keep it under control or at your preferred size. Artemisia makes a beautiful backdrop when situated behind other plants with colourful flowers. 


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