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A Down to Earth Holiday


keeping it down to earth

Keep the season unfussy and natural with inspiration that highlights a winter garden motif utilizing organic textures and colours.

With decor that looks foraged and plants tucked in with moss—these designs strike the right balance between holiday and harmony. 

A juniper wreath comes with its own decorations, hundreds of little blue seedpods. The gorgeous texture of this wreath needs little added, and it can be slung over a door handle or chair for a subtle look. Tuck some gaultheria into a natural pot, like this Wakefield Pottery bowl, and enjoy the hues of the garden with red berries peeking out from under the dark green leaves.

{Thanks to @Dinasdigs for this perfect location.}


A tree can glow with matte and shiny baubles in gold, silver, and bronze. Antique bells, strings of beads, and paper ornaments make it a throwback to a vintage yesteryear—with a touch of modern charm.

Keep it calm and minimal with well-placed ornaments and a simple evergreen garland tossed over a bench or dresser. Instead of colour, it becomes all about the textures and artful display. A soft touch for the season to add joy rather than distract.

winter moments 

A branch of cotton balls, a stem of berries, an olive tree branch—reminders of the growing season. Small surprises laid out in our homes to enjoy and touch.

Nothing can replace the spring and summer garden but winter is a time for rest and renewal; subtle additions indoors as we bring the year to a close but hold out hope for a new one.


A bough of cedar, a mini pine tree, a sprig of holly—all suggestions of the traditional tree with a minimal vibe.

Potted orchids carry on the neutral tones but with elegance and sophistication. Contrasted with rustic pottery and fresh moss, they create a thoughtful mood of longevity. 

{read up on orchid care here}

Christmas decor is rarely about function, more often design and tradition take over. But creating joy and highlighting memories is a function of thoughtful decorating—keep it down to earth with natural elements that transform but don't overwhelm.


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