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A Seussical Tree for Christmas

This seussical tree will have your heart growing two sizes for the Christmas Season! ♥️♥️ We use cedar, Oregonia, white pine, fir and a birch pole for this design. You can choose whichever greenery you like best for your tree!

Start by attaching a wire around the pole, about a foot from the top. Twist it on itself to secure it, but don't cut the end. You want a long piece of wire to use while wrapping the rest of the greenery to the pole.

Take a bunch of the fir and secure it to the pole using the wire. Wrap the wire around the pole and fir branches a couple times. Continue doing this all the way up the seussical tree alternating between your different kinds of greenery. 

When your greenery reaches above the top of the pole, secure all the ends of the branches together with wire into a tapered shape. This is the top of your tree, and you can bend it into a curved whimsical shape.

Hide the wire with some smaller Oregonia and pine branches. Then cover the tip of the tree with wired twine for a fun look.

You need a sturdy pot to hold up this tree! Fill it with soil and press it down firmly. When you put your tree into the soil, twist it and push in order to have at least a foot buried to provide a stable base. Then cover the soil with pinecones! Have fun this season with your seussical tree 


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