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A Simple Easter Table with Pansies


for Easter

Whether it's a family get-together or an impromptu friends gathering...this time of year we like to add a bit of colour to the table to balance out all the grey days hanging around.

Keep it simple with flowering favourites for early (very early) Spring with bulbs like tulips and hyacinth, or pretty pansies in hand-picked pots! These blooming beauties can dress up your table for the season.


We chose to use pretty purple pansies for our Easter table, mixing up the mini violas with their smiling faces and larger velvet purple pansies in bigger pots. 

However, many early spring bulbs come in complimentary colours like yellows and pinks that you could easily turn into a colourful table!

For pots, we also mixed'n matched—using a variety of small white ceramic pots for the violas and then planting up large terra cotta pots for our centrepiece. Terra cotta is low-key and lends a natural flavour to the table, without taking away from the cute mini-pot designs.  

Try choosing various pots in one colour for a whimsical, yet matching, look. Or you could pick one style of pot (such as a taper or footed pot) and find different colours to showcase. 


Take a few cuttings from your pansy garden or pots and create a little posy for the table or for your guests to bring home! These cute bouquets can fit in small bud vases and continue the sunshine and smiles after Easter.

Bonus Inspiration...

Greet your guests with an Easter doorway featuring hand-dyed eggs and some bright blooms. What better spot to showcase your egg-cellent designs than in a nest on the front stoop? We've mixed in quail eggs (available at the grocery store) and a peach begonia plant. Though Easter is pretty early in the year, it's never too early to start adding spring colour and inspiration to your home. 


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