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Air Plant Love


Air plants (Tillandsia) are amazing! You may have heard rumors that they don't need soil. Guess what? Completely true! No soil is needed for these beautiful plants to grow and thrive. What they do need, however, is water! (They really should be called water plants.)

You've created a beautiful display for your air plants, full of neat accents like our beach themed heart design we've just shared. But now what? How to give your Tillandsia the TLC they deserve?

First of all, they need to be watered 1-2 times a week. In order for the air plant's unique leaves to soak up the H2O, you need to submerge them in a water bath for 20 minutes. When you take them out, shake off the excess water, then place them somewhere warm and light to dry off. (Don't put them back in a glass container until they are dry, or else the moisture will build up and you'll end up with rotten leaves.)

Tillandsia need bright, indirect sunlight. Not more than a few hours of direct, hot sun a day or they end up parched. You can mist them, every couple days, to keep them fresh and perky. If the leaves look light coloured or wrinkled, it's time for a bath!

Have fun caring for and decorating your air plants! Go crazy and try new things. These are easy-going and unique plants for everyone.


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