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Amaryllis & Moss Kokedama Design

Amaryllis are gorgeous Christmas blooms for the season, but the bulbs aren't always as pretty! How do you create an all-around beautiful look with your Amaryllis plant? One of our fav answers to that question is to create a Kokedama design using moss.

Using a large piece of dried moss, unfold it and wrap it around your Amaryllis bulb. Then take wire (in any colour!) or jute string and wrap the moss all around, in different directions, to create a tight ball shape that securely hugs your bulb. Leave about 24" of wire or string loose, in order to attach accents (like beads, buttons or other cool seasonal things) and then secure it around the bulb, tucking in and twisting the end.

The final step is to trim the unruly moss into a sphere, and then display it! A beautiful natural idea for your Amaryllis bulb. 


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