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Arctic Inspired Succulent Planter

We love this modern white geometric planter idea, reminding us of the arctic and icebergs, while fitting in nicely with a minimalistic and clean design look. White planters are not always people's first choice, but this statement piece really pairs well with a simple colour palette on your patio such as black & white or grey & blues.

The grey, turquoise and washed out greens of succulent plants are a perfect match for this planter. Nordic decor style can be used on your balcony or patio to bring a Scandinavian feeling outdoors.

To start with we chose a number of amazing succulent plants, selecting different shapes and sizes. You'll notice we have large circular style succulents matched with smaller circular style ones to create an echo effect. Repeating shapes like this is a great way to build variety without noise.

Tuck in those succulents, don't leave any space between them! A full and generous planter is key to a beautiful centrepiece. We've let a few of them spill over the edge to soften the geometric shape just a little bit without taking away from it's bold statement.

A soft paintbrush is super useful to clean up those plants after the hard work is done. Get rid of loose soil on the leaves and around the edges of the planter.

Global warming won't melt these arctic inspired planters on your balcony, so cool off with some lemonade and enjoy.SaveSave


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