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The Benefits of Sea Soil

shhh...the sea soil secret

For the last ten years, I’ve had a secret. That’s right, West Coast Gardeners, a deep, dark, organic secret called…Sea Soil! Ok, so I’m really bad at keeping secrets, especially one as fantastic as this. This is why you may have already spotted the bags of Sea Soil on the shelves at West Coast Gardens! But how could I keep this to myself, especially when our lush and flourishing plants already gave me away?

It’s a garden, not an aquarium…Why do I need Sea Soil? 

Sea Soil is the best of both worlds which is why it really packs a punch! It’s made up of 50% fish and 50% forest fines (an industry term for bark, forest soils, needles and such). Fish isn’t just for sushi - it’s one of nature’s best organic fertilizers, breaking down slowly to make sure your garden gets fed for it’s entire growing season. Add to that the microorganisms and beneficial fungi found in the forest fines which turn the nutrients into a form that’s easier for plant roots to devour. Talk about super food! Spend quality time with your plants, not with your fertilizer!

I like it when gardening is less about complicated science and more about getting dirty with nature. Because Sea Soil is organic, aged, and carefully created; you can use it directly on your gardens and plants without worrying about mixing it up with other mediums or fertilizers! Twice a year (I suggest spring and fall) add Sea Soil on top of your existing soil throughout your garden. Use it liberally on all your flower beds, container gardens, trees, shrubs, and vegetable gardens.

Always there for you, no matter what season

A hard worker all year round, Sea Soil provides crucial nutrients in the spring when your plants are just starting out. It also increases the soil’s water holding capacity for those drier summers and provides root protection in the colder weather during fall and winter. Don’t be afraid to use Sea Soil in your edible gardens as well! It’s completely organic (OMRI certified) and can give them a nutritious boost. The rich, dark soil has an appealing earthy aroma.

Your garden has been waiting for this! 

A careful two year process is behind each bag of Sea Soil, starting with harvesting the ingredients in Port Hardy. The passionate people behind this are working together with fishing and forest industries to responsibly recycle and use products that would otherwise be wasted. Layers of nutritious dryland forest fines are alternated with layers of rich fish remains to create an organic lasagna, which is carefully monitored and composted for two full years!

Warehouses are used when creating this masterpiece, which means that weed seeds are kept out! I’m sure all of us West Coast Gardener’s will rejoice in knowing we aren’t inadvertently planting weeds when we fertilize our gardens with Sea Soil. 

What else can Sea Soil do for you and your garden? 

  • Encourages earthworms, ladybugs, bees and other beneficial insects to live in your garden. 
  • Keeps your garden cooler in the summer by increasing water holding capacity. 
  • Protects your plant’s roots in the fall and winter. 
  • Adds nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micro-macro nutrients and trace elements to your soil. 
  • Helps keep your garden chemical free with organic ingredients!


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