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Make Your Own Bird Food Decorations

With five easy ingredients you can create beautiful bird seed decoration for your feathered friends! This is a fantastic project to get the kids involved in, and can easily be mixed up indoors or outdoors.

Grab a medium to large size bowl to mix all your ingredients in, as well as a plastic spoon or spatula. You'll also need some of your favourite cookie cutter shapes! (Use simple shapes like hearts, stars or mittens)

2 packs of gelatine
1 cup warm water
6 Tbsp corn syrup
1.5 cups of flour
8 cups of bird seed

Spray your cookie cutters with cooking spray to make sure the finished shapes pop out easily (or grease with oil using a paper towel). Pack the seed mixture into them tightly, pressing down to create flat sides. Don't forget to poke a hole right through each (not too close to the edge to avoid crumbling). Let them air dry for 24hrs and then you can pop them out of the shapes, tie on a ribbon, and hang them out for the birds (and you) to enjoy!SaveSave

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