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Busy Bees in the Garden - Up Close and Personal

We're spying on our bees today, with some great close-up shots of these busy pollinators! Watch them work hard to collect all their nectar from the garden. In the autumn the bees have to work extra hard to collect enough food for the winter months. That's why it's important to have late blooming plants in your garden, along with your usual summer display of gorgeous flowers.

In Canada we have almost 800 species of bees, and 450 just in BC. We rely on them for most of our food including 3/4 of all nuts, fruits, vegetables and herbs. If you want to make your garden a real bee spa, then make sanctuaries that protects them from the wind, rain and cold with lots of sunny warmth.

As different species of bees are attracted to different flowers, it's important to have a wide range in your garden. As well, various species of bees have different lengths of tongues and appendages so a variety of flower shapes and sizes (from shallow to deep, large to small) will bring even more pollinators to your yard.

For a quick guide to plants that bees adore, take a look at our blog post: Jason's Guide to a Bee Friendly Garden.



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