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Simply Elegant Cacti + Succulent Garden

Who hasn't looked in envy at the beautiful cacti and succulent gardens on Pinterest? The calming mix of blue green hues, simple shapes and unique look of these plants combines to create something we yearn to have sitting on our front patio.

It's not as hard as it looks, and it looks pretty gosh darn easy! Watch Jason as he carefully crafts a stunning potted arrangement featuring a variety of cacti and succulent plants, then get inspired for your own new centrepiece. Don't forget to wear gloves because those cacti can sure pack a poke.

Choose plant ingredients from your favourite succulent and cacti varieties. Make sure to include choices with a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to make a truly interesting finished product. You'll see in the video that we include colourful blooming varieties to catch the eye, as well as dark and light shades of succulents.

When arranging your choices in the pot, leave space around each plant for the stones that add the finishing touch. These stones also help to keep wet soil off your cacti and succulents, so the damp doesn't cause rot or disease. They also look great and add a desert feel.

Have fun creating your own cactus and succulent garden and schedule some time to relax nearby!


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