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Capi Pots - for indoors & outside

Capi Pots - our favourite for inside and outdoors

The blooms and foliage are the stars of the show—but you have to give them a stage! For the patio or front door, that means a gorgeous pot to turn into an overflowing container garden. Make sure you get something sturdy and eye-catching to highlight the plant's unique beauty. 

We find Capi pots—made in Holland, Belgium, and other places in the UK—are perfect for both inside planters and outdoor container gardens. They come in a huge variety of sizes, from small to stately, and are so lightweight they are easy to carry and place in just the right spot.

With a contemporary design in both round or square, Capi pots last a long time! This is important when you are planting up long-living plants such as trees or shrubs, large tropicals, or slow-growing plants like cacti. They are also UV resistant so they won't fade or change colour. 

Keep your perennial plants outdoors in the colder weather with Capi pots, as they are weatherproof. Their double lining also keeps the soil cool in the summer and stops them from drying out too fast. This double layer also makes them stronger and less likely to break when you move them. 

We're especially pleased that these pots come with a lifetime guarantee against defects and that they are made with recycled materials. That's why we carry a large selection of Capi pots at West Coast Gardens, in all shapes, sizes, and colours! Visit us and see why they've become our favourite pots.

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