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Caring for Hostas

Keep Your hostas happy

These bold foliage plants add colour and shape to your garden and are easy to care for. These perennials give you beautiful leaves from early spring, right through the first frost. They also grow quickly and can be divided to create even more plants.


There are a lot of different lighting requirements for hostas — even though they are widely known for loving shade. Check the info care card when you purchase your plant. Usually the darker shades of hosta plants like more shade and the lighter, more lime-coloured plants, need more sun. Because of their versatility, these giant plants are fantastic for all areas of your garden.


Hostas are very susceptible to over-watering. Make sure to get the soil moist, but not soggy, and plant them in a pot or garden with good drainage. These beautiful plants are drought tolerant, but they grow best when they have regular waterings throughout the summer months. Those planted in the shade need less water than those in full sun.


Plant your hostas in loose soil that will drain well. Make sure it is in a spot that doesn't retain water or puddles. If the soil has a lot of clay, try adding sand or other amendments to create a better environment for the roots. These plants love compost! Fertilize your hosta all spring and summer but stop once fall hits. Make sure that the roots are completely covered after planting your hosta in your garden or in a pot. 


Take care of your hosta but cutting any broken or damaged leaves and any spent flowers. Cut off all the old foliage after your plant dies back in the winter months in order to stop any disease or pests. 


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