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Caring for Your Polka-Dot Begonia

The spotted begonia

Caring for your polka-dot begonia keeps it looking bright, cute, and happy!


Like many plants, the polka-dot begonia does not like to sit in water or have continuously soggy roots—however, this begonia also does not like to dry out completely! The best route is to water your plant regularly, allowing the soil to remain nice and moist without pools of water gathering. Make sure your pot has drainage holes. 


An easy-going plant, the polka-dot begonia loves bright indirect light but will still grow alright in low light! However, if you want your plant to bloom (with small pink or white flowers) then it will need a brighter light situation. Be careful to place it out of direct sun rays or the leaves could become scorched and brown.

Other Care: 

The polka-dot begonia grows quite tall, sometimes reaching over a metre in height. In this case, it's best to take your plant so that it doesn't bend or snap. Use a strong stick or moss pole to stake your plant, tied with twine, so that it stands nice and tall.

Fertilizer your begonia with a tropical/indoor fertilizer every few weeks to keep it healthy. This is especially true if you want your plant to bloom. 

This houseplant does not love the cold—most indoor temperatures will be fine, but make sure it doesn't go below 16'C in the winter.


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