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Christmas Details for your Home Decor

Your Unique Holiday Home

Everyone decorates differently when it comes to the winter holidays. Your own Christmas traditions are what make the season special for your and your family. Showing off your favourite ornaments, family heirlooms, and new additions make decorating every year a cherished event. 

Thanks to @HarpSohal for letting us use her home location for this photo shoot!

The centrepiece of a Christmas home is the tree—and it shows your unique taste and personality through the style of tree, the ornaments, and lights! Make a splash with shiny decorations, or keep it light and natural with wicker or wood options. Of course, many, many lights will make the evenings bright and cozy. 

Before Santa arrives, fill the space under your tree with accents like live poinsettias, faux winter stems, comfy blankets or family photos in frames. Keep it personal and highlight your tree.

Tie up your favourite picture with a ribbon and bow for a surprising and cute addition to the season! Of course, we can't get enough live winter plants for your home. Cyclamen, kalancho, zygo cacti, mini-trees, amaryllis and more. You don't have to use Christmas pots, you can simply pot them up in year-round designs that match your holiday style. 

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a Kitchen for the holidays

It's all in the details! Keep the counters clear enough for all the holiday baking and cuisine, but add little accents that bring in the Christmas spirit. 

From evergreens artfully filling a favourite vase, to candles around your seating. We love a mini-tree or favourite herb to add the green for the season—paired with berries or red ornaments to really make them pop! 

The pantry is the perfect place to add seasonal surprises! Ornaments on display from shiny baubles to adorable felted characters and bottle-brush trees. Could a mini-village appear amid your flour and sugar jars? What magic awaits you as you start the Christmas cookies this year?

Evergreens Indoors

Not just for outside, you can add evergreens to your indoor spaces for the holidays. Hang a garland (real or faux) over your dining room table or boughs on the fireplace. Potted mini-evergreens are a great addition because they can be repotted outside next year! Even wreaths of pine or cedar will add a natural Christmas feeling.

Evergreens Outdoors

A classic front door is filled with forest-styled planters and live evergreens. From a fluffy wreath with bells, to a lush garland — every guest will feel the holiday spirit as they come and go. We love to create fresh evergreen planters full of different kinds of boughs, ribbons, curly willow, baubles and more. 

Christmas in the Evenings

Give your evenings a merry vibe with lots of candles and holiday drinks. Warm up the cold months with friends and family, gathering to celebrate. 

Really create a wow effect with a giant, low, planter full of your favourite Christmas plants. Red cyclamen are a dramatic choice, and pair well with moss and ferns to create a mini-woodland design. 

Keep the holiday spirit alive in all areas of your home with unique choices and special additions that make the season bright for you and your loved ones. 


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