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Healthy Soil in Your Garden Beds


Healthy Soil for Your Garden Beds

In order to keep weeds out of your garden, fill your garden beds with plants that are close enough together to form a carpet on top of your soil. This will look amazing and give the weeds no space to grow. Once you take them out in the fall, to replace them with autumn annuals, your soil will require very little work to get it ready for a new season!

You can use your garden rake to smooth out your soil and get rid of clumps and bumps, once all the plants have been removed, and easily create an even bed of healthy soil for your new creation.

We recommend adding in 3" of composted mulch in the spring and fall, not only because it looks great, but because it adds rich nutrition, keeps out weeds, and insulates the roots when the weather gets cold. 

Take a look at the bulk composted mulch and other garden materials we have available at our garden centre in Surrey BC.

Healthy soil in your garden beds Healthy soil in your garden beds


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