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Christmas Plants—Classic VS Contemporary

Indoor Houseplants


Keeping it green isn't a problem with houseplants—it's adding the holiday red and white that can be tricky when Christmas rolls around. But creating cheer for the season doesn't have to be hard work. The big question is whether you prefer the classic choices or the more modern contemporary ideas we've come up with. Keep reading for our favourite Christmas houseplants for every room in your home. 

Cyclamen come in red and white, with long-lasting blooms and an unpretentious personality. Winter cyclamen can be planted outdoors on the patio or in the garden after the season is done. We're also fans of orchids at Christmas—simple and elegant—plus many varieties come with white blooms, like this gorgeous Lady Slipper in the kitchen.


Nothing looks more festive than a mini tree in a pot. These little trees come in a variety of types, from pine to fir and more. Pot them up on the patio or plant them in the yard in January. 


No discussion of Christmas plants would be complete without mentioning the classical poinsettia. Here at West Coast Gardens we grow our own poinsettias to make sure they are lush and healthy. {See behind the scenes in our greenhouses over here!} Another idea we're excited about is using non-traditional plants for the season, such as a blooming anthurium with bold red colours. It matches the holiday decor but with a surprising twist!

The Christmas cactus has a unique look to it and often will be absolutely covered in blooms during December. Now you can get a Christmas cactus in pink, orange, rose gold, white, red and more. {If you're worried about caring for your Christmas cactus, check out our blog post here.} Give your cactus a classy pot with bold texture or a holiday look and give it lots of light.

That Touch of Red

Get that touch of red with plants that celebrate the holiday colour. Amaryllis blooms are huge and showy—and we love the velvety, deep red flowers for the season. For something a little more subtle, try a gaultheria plant with small red berries. This plant will eventually want to be outdoors, but it can handle a Christmas inside! 

Myrtle trees aren't traditionally Christmas, but when we pot them up in these Bergs Potter terra cotta designs (and add a fancy bow) they certainly look dressed for the season! Give them as gifts and they are considered good fortune for the year. A pretty ribbon, natural accent, or colourful pot can dress any plant up for Christmas. 


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