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Succulents for the Season

It's no secret that half the work of setting up for Christmas is moving everything else around or finding new homes for your everyday decor. That Fiddle Leaf Fig looks fantastic, but not right next to the Christmas tree. The mantle has to be cleared for pine boughs, and don't forget to move your "Life's a Beach" throw pillows for the season!

There's one home decor favourite that you don't have to worry about though, Christmas succulents! Such a versatile and easy-going friend, Succulents can blend into any season. They really shine at Christmas time as well, with their understated colours and woodland style.

Let's take a look at a few ways to get them jingling and jangling for Christmas. Christmas succulents for the season - by West Coast Gardens in Vancouver Surrey BC Christmas succulents for the season - by West Coast Gardens in Vancouver Surrey BC

Switching It Up With Christmas Containers

The easiest way to turn your Succulent into a charming charismatic Christmas creation is to plunk it into a new pot (or repot the whole thing if you're feeling ambitious). Red, white and green pots are of course classic, but you can easily turn on the seasonal glam with a bit of gold or silver! 

A more subtle approach is to go with a container that is unobtrusive. Wood, especially in a rustic unfinished design, will match your greenery and keep your Christmas Succulents from standing out. Things often look different at Christmas, remember that a triangular container becomes a 'tree shape' this time of year! 

Succulents for Christmas

Succulents for Christmas

Instead of using a pot, you can also search for woodland style baskets, holiday patterned tins or even wrap the existing pot in something seasonal such as burlap or fancy fabric.

Match your Christmas home decor theme for bonus points! (Succulents look amazing in pink, just saying). Succulents in terrariums always look great, and at Christmas you can create a winter landscape!  

Christmas succulents for the season - by West Coast Gardens in Vancouver Surrey BC  

Ornaments Aren't Just for the Tree...

Now that your Christmas Succulents are feeling festive, don't leave them out of the decorating. Shiny baubles and glittering ornaments look just as lovely surrounding your plants as they do on the actual tree.

Our favourite look is created by covering the soil with white pebbles and then carefully placing Christmas ornaments around the plant in a themed colour scheme. Make it glittery with gold, or try a cool blue theme. Your Succulents will thank you! (Don't blame us if they start singing Christmas songs all day long).

You can also add natural accents to your Succulents this season, such as pinecones, moss, bark, sticks and berries. Collect a few things in your garden or on a nature walk to inspire you.   Christmas succulents for the season - by West Coast Gardens in Vancouver Surrey BC

Christmas Succulents Light up the Room

If you're going to be including Succulents in a centrepiece or display, think about also adding some battery powered candles or twinkle lights. A soft glow among the plants creates a magical enchanted feeling that doubles at Christmas time. 

You can use mini strings of lights that won't heat up and hurt your plants, and can be turned on and off when needed. Add to that the glittering ornaments and suddenly you've got a dazzling display!  

Succulents for Christmas

Watch our DIY video on how to create your own magic succulent lantern for the season. This design also works in a terrarium, if you don't have a lantern handy. The best part about this lantern is that it can light up your patio or home all winter long and into the summer!


Give Your Succulent a Friend

Everyone likes to gather with friends and family during this season, so give your succulent someone to cozy up to. With such a versatile plant you can pair them with Poinsettias, Orchids, tropicals and even Amaryllis.

Watch our easy DIY video on pairing orchids and succulents. Also, if you need to brush up on your succulent TLC, try out our blog post on caring for your succulents here.

Whatever your choice, it's wonderful to know that you don't have to hide your Succulents all season and can proudly display them in holiday style!   

Succulents for Christmas


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