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Culinary Companions - Plants in the Kitchen

Tasty treats & fancy foliage

Although the kitchen is usually the place to satisfy our taste-buds, we love the idea of also satisfying our plant cravings at the same time! From leafy ferns to tasty herbs, and even cut flowers from the garden, the kitchen is the perfect place for natural accents. Keep reading for our best ideas and tips on growing the culinary experience in your home...

Delicious Additions to the Kitchen

If you're adding natural greenery to the kitchen, why not also make it edible? Growing indoor herbs is easy and keeps those tasty flavours close-at-hand when you're cooking. Since many herbs are Mediterranean in origin, they love the warmth that your home provides. 

Since herbs enjoy fast-draining soil, make sure your pots have drainage holes in the bottom, and don't overwater them. Give them H2O when the top inch of soil feels dry. 

Our favourite indoor herbs include rosemary, basil, chives and oregano. We suggest starting with new pots from a garden centre, rather than bringing in your garden pots, as you are less likely to also transport aphids or spider mites to your herbs.

It's always a good idea to give the plants a thorough washing under running water to make sure they are clean from pests when you bring them inside. The same goes for your pots, as some pests will lay eggs on the rim of the container, so wash them carefully before relocating them to your kitchen.

Herbs from warmer climates will love your south facing windows, and enjoy six or more hours of sunshine a day, especially in the winter. Rosemary, basil, oregano and thyme are used to tropical climates. 

For kitchens with less light, try mint, chives, lemon balm and parsley. (Also, you can grow catnip for the most important member of the family!)

Feasting Your Eyes on Foliage

You probably don't want to give up too much of your kitchen counter space to potted plants, so you have to make them count! Using plants with bright foliage, or that have height, is a good way to maximize impact.  Ferns are an easy-going plant for the kitchen, and come in a variety of green shades! Orchids are another perfect choice, adding height without taking up too much room. Just remember to give kitchen plants a misting to keep them happy.

When choosing pots for your kitchen plants, it's a good idea to pick pots with feet on them so that they stay out of liquid spills and don't collect crumbs. Using a tray or board, where your plants can congregate on the counter, is another great idea as it makes it super easy to move them all at once and do a thorough cleaning. 

Enjoy your plant companions while you're putting together a quick breakfast or cooking dinner. Whether it's a single pot on top of the fridge, or a collection of herbs on the counter, we think the kitchen is a perfect spot to expand your indoor plant collection! 


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