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Decorating with Plants in Your Bathroom

Plants in your bathroom

Take what you love from visiting spas and your favourite vacation spots, then add it to your home—like a bathroom fresh with greenery. Pamper yourself with a private oasis in your home, peppered with the things you enjoy most.

adding plants in your bathroom

We all dream of natural light as we shower and get ready for the day—but even if we don't have a bathroom with south-facing windows, we can still fill it with tropical plants to rejuvenate our routine. 

Take a look at our favourite low-light plants in our blog post over here.

adding plants in your bathroom adding plants in your bathroom

Hanging tropicals and ferns, like the lush Boston Fern, fill up space and add a sense of wellness. Long vines drape into veils of lavish elegance, turning fixtures into living moments you can experience every morning. Top up your tub with long candlesticks to really set the mood.

adding plants in your bathroom

Let tall plants stretch in a corner of your bathroom, transporting you to exotic locals and refreshing your space. They'll love the humidity, and it's easy to water them when you're close to the sink or tub. Plants in your bathroom can be added in unexpected spots, and you'll grow attached very quickly.

Orchids are a brilliant addition, minimalistic and opulent by nature, they love getting misted by a shower and taking a steam bath every morning. 

Find your favourite tropical plants and welcome them to your bathroom spaces—they're an ideal match, and can transform a utilitarian space into a relaxing utopia.  


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