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DIY Eucalyptus Door Swag for Christmas


Eucalyptus Door Swag

Create a stunning door swag for your holidays with eucalyptus, ribbon and bells! This simple holiday swag is versatile and can be used indoors or out.

Start by gathering different eucalyptus stems, such as silver dollar, seeded and baby blue. We also use grevellia in this design. Take a few branches and wire them together to create a frame for your swag, making sure they are the right length and width that you want for your design. Then begin filling in the swag with silver eucalyptus (or your choice of base stems) and mix in other varieties such as baby blue eucalyptus and grevellia.

Use your chosen stems to create a shape that looks pleasing and is nice and full. You can always add in more greenery too fill it in a bit more.

Twist your wires all together in the back, nice and tight, to hold the stems in place. Then use the excess wire to form a loop for a hook.

Now you can wire in your bells, or other accents, to add character to your swag! Natural elements like pinecones or berries also look lovely on your door.

We finish off our Christmas swag with a beautiful length of ribbon. Have fun making your own door swag for the holidays!


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