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DIY Hanging Baskets - Make Your Own!


We're celebrating spring colour today, with those gorgeous blooming hanging baskets we see on everyone's front patios. Watch Jason as he shows you how easy it is to put together your own eye-catching willow hanging basket in just a few minutes for a summer full of beautiful blooms!

Start with a 14" basket and use premium potting soil to give your plants a great start. We've selected one of the six-pack planter starter collections that include a variety of blooming options for your basket. These are easy to grab and don't require a lot of plant knowledge or time.

When arranging your plants try to offset them so that your repeating plants aren't sitting next to each other. Jason places the two verbena's on either side of the planter, alternating them for a more varied look.

A great tip is to include lime coloured foliage with your plants and really make the colours pop once they start growing together! The darker green plants will really highlight the light lime green foliage and the variation in hues will accent the colourful blooms as well. This is an easy way to use colour companions to get that vibrant tone-on-tone palette.

Take a look at the light requirements for your chosen plants and hang accordingly. Jason also reminds us that plants need to eat, so make sure to fertilize at least once a week to keep that hanging basket an envy-worthy masterpiece on your porch, patio or by your front door!


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