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DIY Snowy Grinch Tree for Christmas

DIY Winter Grinch Tree

Your heart will grow three sizes this season with our snowy Grinch tree! The main branches we use in this planter is broom, because it's a lovely green colour and also very pliable! We also use fir to add colour and texture to the design. You can try other branches to create your own look as well.

Start with a large pot full of potting soil (we use a 12" terra cotta pot). Securely plant your broom branches, then surround them with layers of fir. Use heavy wire to bind up the branches and create a conical shape. We insert aluminum wire into the top of the tree and connect the broom to it, so that we can bend the top of the design into that "curly" seussical look.

To finish off the design we thread snowflakes and other ornaments onto wire, which we wrap around the tree to easily decorate your Grinch tree! Choose your own favourite decorations to create a grinch tree in your own theme! Enjoy making your own Grinch Tree and becoming an honorary Whoville resident this Christmas!


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