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DIY Stack o' Pumpkin Pot for Thanksgiving or Halloween


Create a Stack o' Pumpkin Pot for Thanksgiving or Halloween for your front patio! This bright stack of pumpkins is sure to bring a smile to your visitors, family and neighbours. With so many types of pumpkins to choose from, you can really create something unique.

Start with a large pot, and fill it with sand or heavy soil to weigh it down. We like to top ours with a soft bed of moss to add a natural feel and also cushion the bottom pumpkin. Then we drill a hole in the top and bottom of each pumpkin and slide it onto a tall, strong pole (metal, plastic or bamboo) that we've pushed into the centre of the pot of sand.

Once we've secured our pumpkin stack (which goes in size from large to small-with the tiniest one on top) we finish it off by inserting moss around the base of each pumpkin to separate them and add just a little flourish.

Keep your pumpkins undercover in the rainy weather so that they will last longer. When you are done with them, don't forget to put them in the compost! We hope you enjoyed this DIY Pumpkin Stack Pot video~have fun! 


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