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Gardening Tips for Small Spaces - Jason on CTV Morning Live

Jason joins CTV Morning Live to talk about planting in small spaces like your balcony or patio. One of the key design elements you can use, in tiny spaces, is to use your vertical height with tall planter stands that stack your pots. This maximizes your green space! You can see this in the pot stand that Jason brought along to the CTV set, where he's planted one species per pot in order to make them look full and really stand out.

If you don't have a lot of sunlight, you can still have tropicals and ferns on your patio. In the summer time they can stay outside (when the night time temperatures are above 10'C) and in the winter you just bring them inside your home to keep them healthy.  When you're potting them, just use a good quality potting mix to make sure the soil will remain free draining and not end up too soggy.

The giant pot of herbs that Jason shows us, contains a wide variety of herb plants chosen for cooking and fragrance. The dark leafed basil plant creates beautiful contrast with the other greenery.

Jason also talks about using gorgeous succulent planters on your patio or deck in the summer time, as they love full sun (or even morning and evening sun) and only need to be watered every two weeks. There are a lot of different plants that you can be potting up in the summertime, such as tropicals, summer annuals, succulents, herbs and perennials (which will winter over and return again next year!)

Thank you, CTV Morning Live for inviting Jason back to share his love of gardening with great tips and ideas for small spaces!


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