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Hanging Basket Care

It's summer, yeah! Time to get those hanging baskets fed and watered so they can bloom all the way into fall, creating a colourful and eye-catching display for your home. It's pretty easy, and Jason has all the tips and tricks to get it right.

Your basket needs two things from you (besides a few compliments now and then to bolster it's self-esteem  ), and those are water and food. We recommend using a really nice sized watering can (at least a gallon) to make it easy on yourself, rather than taking multiple trips to the tap or hose.

Grab some water soluble flowering fertilizer, as it's quick acting and easy for the plants to absorb. Going on vacation this summer? No worries! There are slow release fertilizers (14-14-14) that you can use before you leave, so that the kind neighbour who is caring for your plants while you're gone doesn't have to worry about anything more than just adding water. Plus, your baskets will greet you with exploding blooms when you return!

Watering your plants in the summer heat is crucial, and it's best to do so before 9AM to make sure they're ready for the hot sun all day. Feel your basket when it's dry and compare its weight to after you've watered. This can help you determine if it needs a drink or not. You'll probably have to water every day in the summer, but this also gives you a chance to admire all of the beautiful blooms!

When you water make sure to thoroughly soak the soil until a small stream of water comes out of the bottom of the basket. This means you've successfully flushed the old fertilizer and water out of your basket, and made way for the fresh stuff. With these tips and tricks you're sure to have a gorgeous flowering basket all summer long, so kick back and enjoy! 


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