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Heucheras - The Rockstar of the Garden!

Put on a show in your yard with the superstar Heucheras (Coral Bells) and you can practically charge your neighbours for tickets! This plant is the Ringo of the garden, a real VIP (yes, that stands for Very Important Plant) that will have you singing Ob-la-di and Ob-la-da while digging in your soil.

For even more twisting and shouting add Tiarellas (Foam Flower) and Heucherellas to really get your garden rocking!


I Wanna Hold Your Hand. . . your new BFF

Coral Bells will become any garden’s best friend because of the enormous variety of coloured leaves and flowers to choose from. This versatile plant got it’s name from the small bell-like shape of its flowers which pop up in late spring. Through the attention of many top breeders this plant has become a celebrity with show-stopping flower colour and production.

More than just a one-hit-wonder, the Coral Bell is a tough and resilient evergreen, with a compact shape and few pests or diseases to worry about.

Here Comes the Sun. . .

You can’t always be in the spotlight! Every plant has a different temperament when it comes to lighting and Coral Bells is no exception. However, with all it’s varieties you’re certain to find one will work out perfectly.

As a general rule, the darker leaves can handle more sun. The exotic dark purple varieties of Heucheras can handle full Pacific Northwest sunshine and keep singing the whole day through. The silver, amber and lime green varieties enjoy a bit of shade in the hot afternoon.

All You Need Is Love. . . and good drainage

One thing that Coral Bells is picky about is its soil drainage. If you have clay rich soil then you’d better add some compost or Sea Soil in there to lighten things up a bit.

Create a free draining textured soil by working in the the organic matter (add in that magical mystery manure), and keep those Heucheras up to beat. Mounding up your garden beds by keeping the soil high and hilly can help as well. Always ready for attention, Coral Bells can sing solo in a container or pot and make a beautiful potted plant by the front door to serenade guests.


A Hard Day’s Night. . . and one tough plant

Not just for looks, Heucheras is a sturdy choice for your garden! A Prince George hardy plant, ready for winter temperatures including below freezing. Even in the cold this evergreen will keep a bit of colour in your garden, with bright rosettes that are ready to bloom in spring.

Don’t worry about where you put that spade, Coral Bells can be divided simply by cutting it in half! Spring is the best time to propagate in order to give those roots lots of growing time before winter.

With A Little Help From My Friends. . . staying beautiful

Although Coral Bells has few diseases and pests to worry about, there are two we want to mention. Fungal Rust could appear on the back of your leaves (look for brown pustules) if you plant your Heucheras in soil that doesn’t have adequate drainage or in an area without air movement. Make sure to water in the morning so the leaves can dry off quickly.

You don’t have to worry about slugs but watch out for those weevils! They like to chew the leaves, so use nematodes in the summer to kill weevil larvae or spray with an insecticidal soap in the spring to fend off the adults.



Thinking of adding some Coral Bells to your planters? Check out our DIY video for advice on colour choice and planting! We’re always happy to see your garden photos all year round! 


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