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How to Plant A Lush Terrarium

Creating Your Own Terrarium

This lush terrarium brings the woodland vibe into your home in a miniature design. We start with a tall glass terrarium, and fill the bottom with small pebbles to promote drainage and keep the roots from staying wet. At least an inch or two of pebbles or gravel will do the trick. Next we add in soil, from 3-5 inches to leave enough space for the plants to expand as they grow.

We chose a variety of mini-plants for this design, including Asparagus fern with wispy style and a Babies Tears Ivy that will provide some ground cover. Choose your favourite mini plants and make sure to add a variety of sizes and colours, to fill up the space.

After the plants have been placed, we used a variety of large and small pebbles, as well as wood chips, to create interesting textures and cover the soil. Beautiful ceramic mushrooms add the finishing touch! Have fun and make your own terrarium world! 


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