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How to Add Tropical Plants to Your Patio

Feel the tropical vibes

Add a twist to your garden and planters this year with tropical plants! We may not live among palm trees and coconuts, fellow West Coast Gardeners, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a bit of paradise all summer long. 

Many tropical plants can grow in container gardens and among our garden beds during the warmer months of the year. Take a look at some of our favourites, as well as growing tips, below.  

Giving Your Houseplants a Vacation 

If you've already got a garden of indoor tropical plants in your home then you're in luck! They'd love to head outdoors for the summer to enjoy bright sunlight and fresh air. Wait until the temperatures reach at least 10-15'C at night before letting them out for their summer vacation. If you see frost or a cold snap on the weather forecast, bring them inside until it passes.  

Putting your houseplants into direct sun outdoors could end up scorching the leaves, so make sure to start by placing them in partly shaded areas where they can get lots of bright light but no direct rays. Depending on the tropical plant's light requirements, you may be able to move them into a sunnier spot once they have acclimatized.  

Remember, your plants will probably need to be watered a lot more often out in the sun, so keep an eye on their H2O needs! We also suggest checking your plants for insects or pests regularly, so you don't accidentally bring an unwanted houseguest inside in the fall. 

Colourful Tropical Plants for Your Summer Patio 

If you're looking to add some bright colours to your patio or garden, then tropical plants might be just the thing this summer! There's a reason why we take so many photos on our vacations to the sunny spots of the world. 

Here are a few of our favourite blooming tropicals to add in among the usual annuals and perennials.

  • Anthurium (Flamingo Flower)  
  • Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)  
  • Bromeliads  
  • Hibiscus  
  • Canna Lilies  
  • Bird of Paradise

Tropical Foliage Among Your Summer Blooms 

Spring gardens are full of blooming plants, with brightly coloured annuals filling the garden beds and pots. 

Try putting in these tropical plants for the summer, known for their fabulous foliage!  

  •  Croton  
  • Dracaena   
  • Caladium (Angel Wings)  
  • Colocasia (Elephant Ear Plant)  
  • Banana Plant  
  • Spider Plant  
  • Papyrus Varieties


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