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How to Care for Your Begonias

Keep your begonias happy!

Annual begonias (Begonia semperflorens: also known as wax begonias, or bedding begonias) are a gardener's best friend, with their vibrant colours, gorgeous foliage and long blooming season! Plus, there are so many colours to choose from, you can put them anywhere in the garden. We're here to give you a few tips on how to keep them super happy and healthy all season long.

Basic Care Tips Light: 

These colourful plants love morning sun and then enjoy a cooler afternoon shade. Too much direct sun all day will damage the leaves, or stress out the plants, and could lead to disease. This is great news though, because they can brighten up the shady spots in your garden!


Keep them happy with a moist environment, but beware of soggy soil! These plants like to stay damp, and not dry out completely, but they hate having their roots sitting in water. Use well draining soil, with some compost material, to help retain moisture. Always water at the base of the plant, as they are susceptible to leaf rot and spots if the leaves get damp.   


Begonias are tender annuals, and need to be planted after the frost has ended in the Spring. They love warmer temperatures, and can be damaged when it dips below 10'C (50'F). 


Use a balanced fertilizer mixed into the soil before planting, as well as a water-soluble fertilizer about once a month, will keep them healthy and blooming for you all summer long!

Other Notes about Begonias If you want to keep your plants continuously blooming, then don't be afraid to deadhead spent flowers, as this will encourage the plant to grow new buds. As a bonus, these versatile plants are deer resistant, so you can plant them in areas that have had problems with nibblers during the summer months.


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