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How to Care for Your Peace Lily

Peace Lily Care

Peace Lily


Elegant, sophisticated and fresh—the peace lily is a favourite houseplant for many reasons! Not only does its symbolism ring true, but it brings simple beauty to any room, along with a tradition of good luck. 

While an easy plant to grow, we do have a few tips that will help your peace lily look its best, bloom beautifully, and live a long and healthy life.

Peace Lily Care


Give your peace lily plenty of bright-indirect light, such as near a sunny window. Make sure the leaves don't get burned by positioning the plant 1-2' away from the direct sunlight or using a filter, such as a sheer curtain. 

If your plant gets enough light, it will probably bloom for you, shooting up lovely flowers. The white part of the 'flower' is actually a special leaf that protects the plant's actual blooms...the hard nubby stem in the centre. 


Water your plant when the top inch of soil is dry. Peace lilies will die if they are overwatered, so make sure to leave a week or so between your waterings and always check the soil first. A moisture metre is invaluable in making sure you are not overwatering.

Peace lilies are very easygoing when it comes to watering and will be tolerant of a dry period. If the leaves flag and look droopy, just give the plant a heavy drink and wait for them to pop back up.


Peace lilies do not need frequent fertilizing, just once a season with a balanced solution to spruce up the soil. To help your plant get all the light it needs, try dusting the wide leaves every month or so. You can do this with a gentle cloth or by giving your peace lily a shower in the sink or tub. 

Keep your peace lily warm but also away from drafts to keep it looking healthy.

These beautiful plants can be a toxic irritant to pets if ingested, so keep it above their reach or in a room they can't enter. 

Peace Lily Care


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