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How To Hang Your Garland this Winter

Garland hung around a door at Christmas creates an instantly seasonal look with natural flair. But how do you get it to look really amazing? 😍 Jason shares his tips to get perfect garland this winter.

Starting with a 25" mixed garland, Jason finds the middle by laying it out on the floor doubled up, then cuts it in half. He uses a zap-strap to bind the ends so they don't come undone. Both of these halves are needed to create a full and bushy looking garland around your door!

Hammer in nails at each corner of your door, about an inch from the edge. Then start at the left top corner, and drape your garland across the top of your door and down the right side. Use another zap-strap to secure your garland to the nails so it won't blow away in a storm.

Then use the other half of your garland and, starting at the right top corner, drape it across your doorway going the opposite way and let it hang down the left side of the door.

To create more interest in your greenery, take small bunches of cut greens (such as oregonia, fir, pine or eucalyptus) and bundle them together, securing them with wire. Then tuck those bundles into your garland at intervals, securing them with wire and making sure the ends aren't showing.

Jason also shows us how to use wire to attach pinecones to your garland for a finishing touch! Have fun in the chilly weather creating a warm winter look for your home! 


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