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How to Successfully Group Plants in Pots

Creating mono pots (with a single type of plant in each container) is a simple, yet dramatic, way to emphasis each individual plant's beauty. Group plants, like these complimentary mono pots, on your patio, porch, or by the front door, you can easily create a stunning display!

If you're reusing pots, then you can also reuse the soil just by freshening it up with some fertilizer and adding in a layer of Sea Soil! Use your three pronged cultivator to loosen the soil up when mixing in the new nutrients.

When you use a grouping of three grass plants in one pot, (like the purple fountain grass that Jason is using) they will all grow out to create the effect of one large plant! The same thing will happen with your senecio Angel Wings, creating a much more bushy effect.

Use complimentary colourings for your mono pots, such as the silver senecio and dusty miller that Jason pairs with the dark and vibrant purple fountain grass. The small white flowers of the euphorbia Stardust add in an interesting contrast to the giant Angel Wings as well.

Finish up by watering the plants to help their roots become established, then group them in an eye-catching display! Using different sized containers allows you to create an interesting design with varying heights. As well, pots with the same colour or material, but in different shapes, can add interest without taking away from the overall effect.

Choose a few of your favourite plants and start potting up mono pots to create groupings that really inspire!





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