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How to Tidy Up your Spring Garden

It's Spring!! Jason is here with some simple tips to help you spruce up your garden for the season. Everything from edging, to planting shrubs and even a quick look at reseeding grass! Join us and get ready to be excited about getting out in the garden.

To be effective you need to have the right tools for the job. Jason recommends an edger, shovel, cultivator and dutch hoe for the projects he's highlighting today.

(0:36) Edging Your Spring Garden Beds
Use your edger to create a distinct edge between the grass and garden beds, making a clean line and easily clearing out overgrown grass. This immediately makes a smart looking garden bed!

Use your dutch hoe to cut below soil surface, getting at weed roots as well as aerating the soil. Then use the same tool to clean off the top of the garden, creating a nice clean look.

(1:42) Removing & Planting Shrubs in Your Spring Garden
Feel free to remove plants you don't want in your garden this season, or that haven't survived the winter. Use your shovel to cut around root system, try to keep as much of roots on the plant as possible. With your shovel, cut down 8-10 inches in a circle around the plant and lift. This loosens the plant's roots so that it can be removed.

When adding in new shrubs, choose one that fit size of garden and has some interest, such as blooms for the summer. Create a hole that is wider than the pot, and as deep. If needed, you can put the pot on the soil, and trace around it with your finger, then dig 3-5" wider. Place the plant in your hole, then backfill it with all the soil that you dug out. Be sure to tuck in the plant's roots, and add a good organic top soil. Top dressing 2" deep with a rich top soil (like seasoil) feeds your plants and makes the spring garden look great.

(4:33) Planting Annuals in Your Spring Garden
When planting small annuals, you can easily get them in the ground without a lot of digging. Use your trowel and pull a hole in the soil, then set the plant in the hole, and fill it in. Easy! Jason has added in Bacopa and Geraniums in this spring garden bed, which will bloom in white and look great all summer long.

(5:20) Reseeding the Grass
If your lawn is looking like it could use a refresh, then you can use a product like Easy Seed, which can be scattered right on top of the grass. It includes seeds plus fertilizer, to help it grow.

(5:40) Spring Container Garden
Add some pizzazz to the front door with a beautiful spring planter! We start by crushing 4" grower pots into the bottom of the pot, to help keep the soil and roots out of any excess water. Also, we recommend a good quality free draining potting soil that contains peat, perlite and coir or bark.

The taller plants are placed in the back of the design, so that the small plants can really shine up front! White foliage plants like Dusty Miller, really create sophisticated container garden look. The Muehlenbeckia (Maiden Hair) will trail outside of the pot, softening the edges.

You can watch a more detailed video of how to make this spring planter over here. 


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