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Make Your Own Hurricane Pedestal Terrarium

Show off the bright green foliage of this Crispy Wave Fern (Japanese Asplenium nidus Fern) in a beautiful hurricane pedestal terrarium!

We used small pebbles in the bottom of the terrarium to help with drainage, so that extra water doesn't create boggy soil. Then we added soil on top of the pebbles, along with the fern itself.

We surrounded the plant with different sized pebbles to add interest, as well as to keep the moist soil off the plant leaves and avoid brown spots. If you find the interior of the terrarium becomes to damp or has too much condensation, then remove the lid for a few hours. As well, don't water this plant unless the soil is dry to the touch, as terrariums are easy to over water!

Best placed in a bright spot, but not direct sunlight as it will get extremely hot inside. Enjoy your terrarium! 


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