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Jason Talks Tomatoes

There are over forty varieties of tomatoes available throughout the growing season at West Coast Gardens and each tomato plant is grown on site. With so many varieties it can be exciting to browse the colours, sizes and flavours to see which ones are right for your garden and your palate. Jason is going to share with you his picks for everything from salads to stewing.


Early Girl is a fast growing plant that may just be your first home grown tomato of the season. It’s a high yielding tomato with medium sized fruit that are easy to cut in half to use in a salad.


San Marzano is a grafted Roma Type tomato with a low seed count. It is very meaty and full of flavour which are the perfect qualities to look for in stewing tomatoes.


Sun Gold Tomatoes plants bear juicy dark golden orbs that taste like candy. They have a very low acidity and high sugar content making them the perfect snack right off the vine. These little gems rarely make it inside the house.


Tumbling Red Tomatoes bear lots and lots of sweet bright red fruit. They are perfect for hanging planters, cascading planter and upside tomato plants. Cop them and throw them into a salsa for a fresh taste.



Brandy Wine Red Tomatoes are heirloom tomatoes that produce a deep burgundy colour fruit with rich flavour. The large size and the unique colour makes an eye catching burger topper and they are an easy way to impress the company.


Ketchup and Fries was the novelty grafted tomato of the year last year that had everyone talking. It is a tomato plant grafted onto potato root stock. Sweet red tomatoes grow on top of the plant and nugget sized potatoes grow below. Both the potatoes and the tomatoes are delicious and the plant will attract a lot of interest.


Whatever your choice in tomato flavour and type, you're sure to get juicy sweet fruit all summer long!


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