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Jason’s Top 10 Favourite Annuals

Jason is West Coast Garden’s “garden guy.” With a walkie on his hip you’ll see him around the garden multi-tasking nearly every day. He is also a master of design and puts together many of the gorgeous baskets and containers that you see at West Coast Gardens.

Jason has been gardening since he was 10-years-old and when it comes to annuals he really knows his stuff. Here are Jason’s ten favourite annuals for 2016 - including why he loves them, where to use them and what to pair them with.

Click for a printable list of Jason's Favourite Annuals


Begonia Carneval

Why love it? Intense fiery flowers that brighten shady spots.

Where to use it? In containers to hanging baskets

Companion Plant: Coleus Burgundy Wedding Train 


Lemon Coral Sedum

Why love it? Beautiful chartreuse succulent with a spike texture and a spilling habit.

Where to use it? Hanging Baskets, container gardens or in the landscape.

Companion Plant: Campfire Coleus

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Campfire Coleus

Why love it? Low maintenance plant with antique rustic colouring.

Where to use it? Containers or haning baskets in a full sun location.

Companion Plant: Fiber Optic Grass 

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Canna Canova

Why love it? Graceful long stems with bright orange to red blooms.

Where to use it? As a center or 'Thriller' plant in a container garden arrangement.

Companion Plant: Use it as a focal point of an arrangement or let it stand alone.


Fiber Optic Grass

Why love it? A fun plant that lives up to it's name when the tips catch the light.

Where to use it? A welcome addition to any container or hanging basket.

Companion Plant: Works well with all plants.


Fuchsia Autumnal

Why love it? The colourful two-toned foliage that brightens shady spots.

Where to use it? Shade to part sun in hanging baskets and containers.

Companion Plant: Begonia Whopper

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Begonia Whopper

Why love it? A drought tolerant plant with massive 3" flowers that are long lasting.

Where to use it? In containers or in the landscape.

Companion Plant: Use it as a statement plant.


Coleus Burgundy Wedding Train

Why love it? Velvety textured and high contrast leaves with a spreading habit.

Where to use it? Hanging Baskets and containers.

Companion Plant: This plant mingles well with all plants.


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