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Waltz of the Hanging Baskets


Early in the morning, before West Coast Gardens opens for the day, our hanging baskets waltz. Take an exclusive peek at their private soiree - which basket catches your eye?

At West Coast Gardens, our family specialty is hanging baskets. Each plant in the baskets has been hand planted, grown, and then carefully selected. We create all the designs for every variety of basket ourselves and then hand assemble them. Then we watch over them in our greenhouses for 12 weeks before releasing them to good homes.

More Resources 

 Now that you've got a hanging basket, what do you do with it? Never fear, we've got all your questions covered in this blog post for New Owners of Hanging Baskets.

If you missed out, or can’t reach us, don’t worry! You can plant your own hanging basket with our easy to follow DIY instruction video right here.


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