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Magic Succulent Lantern

There's magic in the air on summer evenings, and these lanterns add the perfect mood. With strings of wire lights tucked in with your succulents, you won't be able to take your eyes off them.

Use a shallow pot that will fit inside your chosen lantern (check it with the door shut, just in case!) and a handful of carefully chosen succulents. We've paired up some of our succulent choices to create big and small echoes (mama and baby) in the arrangements.

Don't be afraid to grab some of the smaller 2" pots, they make fantastic filler succulents for your design and ensure that every square inch is well used. Turn the pot as you work, checking all the angles. You never know which way your lantern will face and you don't want a bare spot ruining the magic.

Add some rocks (we've chosen smooth white ones) among the roots to hide soil and add an elegant finish. The charming wire lights are the final piece to this magical design!


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