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Magnolia & Moss Winter Door Swag

 magnolia and moss swag

A Unique Door Swag for the Season

Try something different this winter with a door swag that celebrates the season with a unique look and versatile design. This oversized extra long swag can deck your front door or patio, hang from lanterns and even highlight the fence or gate. We'll give you the details on what we used in the video, but you can also add in your own accents from your favourites at the garden centre or cuts from your own yard!

magnolia and moss swag

We used three foot long greenery cuts of cedar for the basic design, but you can cut them any length you need for your space. Just bind the top ends with wire securely, then braid the lengths to create a full looking swag. We also bind the branches about 5 inches from the bottom, after braiding, to keep them tied together.

For our accents we chose Magnolia leaves, Oregonia, white pine and incense cedar.  Make small bunches of them and bind with wire, then attach through the design at regular intervals.

magnolia and moss swag

The top of the swag needs a hook, and we used a heavy wire covered in raffia that keeps our rustic style while securely giving us a way to hang our creation. We wanted to cover the mechanics of the wire bindings so we used fresh sphagnum moss over them, bound with wire, to give the top a natural feeling.

Don't forget to use your own favourite accents! Jason adds in pinecones as a final touch, but you can also try ilex berries or eucalyptus. Enjoy the holiday season with your fresh winter greens swag!  


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